Dashboard Troubleshooting - Missing or Mismatched Data

In this article we will go over the 4 part troubleshoot for missing or mismatching data on the Dashboard when compared to Logbook.

  • Problem - As it is described by the client.
  • Environment - Where is the issue occurring? Device, app, version, etc,.  
  • Cause - User, server, set-up error?
  • Resolution - Duplicating, troubleshooting, identifying and fixing the issue.

The Dashboard containers visually display specifically collected data from the Logbook such as Activity, Tours and Shifts.   When a Supervisor logs onto POST Activity Report data should display and match on both Logbook and Dashboard. 


The client reports that Activity, Tours or Shifts data displays on Logbook but does not populate in the Dashboard containers or that that data that is displayed on the Dashboard does not match the Logbook.


                                          Dashboard                                                                                       Logbook

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The Dashboard having missing data or not matching with the Logbook is an issue that will occur on the Guardtek web portal so you will have to log on impersonator with the customer's Login credentials to verify the reported issue.



The most common cause for the Dashboard having missing data or not matching with the Logbook is that the date range is not set to a wide enough date range.

For example if a client was trying to view activity reports for Last Week and the date range drop-down was set to Today the Dashboard would not match the Logbook. 

2023-gt-us-img 2023-gt-us-img


Resolution - Troubleshooting Step 1

Always try to reproduce the client issue to verify there is an issue.

1. Log on as an impersonator with the customer's Login credentials.

2. Verify that the Dashboard containers are being displayed for the correct Client, Site and that the Error Message confirms there is no Data.


3. Verify widget parameters are valid and timeframe selected contains data in logbook.


Troubleshooting Step 2 

If after completing step 1 the issue still exists:

1. Un-assign and reassign user from Post to force a synchronization


Troubleshooting Step 3

If after completing steps 1 and 2 the issue still exists:

1. Go to Analysis > Dashboard

2. Configure a container for Client





3. Configure a widget 

Report Type

Report Detail

Group by:


Value Type

NOTE: Do not add filters.

4. Click done to complete the widget.

5. In a separate browser tab, compare the results to Logbook>logbook for the same time period as the widget.


Troubleshooting Step 4

If after completing steps 1,2 and 3 the issue still exists:

1. Submit a dev task to synchronize data

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