Set a Minimum Duration on a Tour Tag

It may be useful to ask your patrol officers to stay for a predefined duration at the locations of a checkpoint: visibility of teams for client personnel, deterrence, more thorough control of a critical area, carrying out additional actions, etc.


How to define a Minimum Duration on a NFC Tour Tag

1. Go to Tours page under Settings menu.

2. Edit your Tour by clicking the green pencil icon and scroll down to reach Tags section.

3. Click on the green pencil icon in last column in corresponding tag.

4. In the new frame use Time at Position (in secs) field to encode a duration, in seconds. Patrol officer will have to wait the end of this duration to read this same tag again for validation. Don't forget to click on Add to save your modifications.



  • During the wait, no other tag can be read to force stay on premises.
  • Post orders and Reports remain usable.
  • Any Reports or Post orders linked to this tag can't be filled or read before the end of this duration.
  • On mPost, an hourglass icon indicates a minimum duration on tags of the tour.
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