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Adding a QR Code as a Tour Checkpoint

QR Codes


Quick Response Code can be used in place of a Tour Checkpoint and act like an NFC Tag. The benefit of using a QR Code Vs NFC is that the device only needs a camera to scan, rather than a electronic sensor for NFC. The QR Codes need a specific code embedded in the barcode in order to work with m-Post and GuardTek applications. Please speak to your Account Representative on some options to provide you with these codes.

Enable QR Code in m-Post Settings

Before you begin using QR Codes at your location, make sure that the setting has been enabled on each device you plan to use.

mPost-SideMenu_Settings.png              mPost-Settings_QREnable.png

Adding a QR Code as a Checkpoint

Following the same instructions here for creating a new Tour, you may notice a button in the bottom right corner that looks like a QR Code. This button will open the camera on your device and allow you to scan a QR Code. If necessary, use the Auto-Focus button to get a clear view of the code.

mPost-AddTour-QRCodes.png            mPost-AddTour-ScanQR.png

Scanning a QR Code during a Tour

Similarly, officers will now have an option to open the camera using the QR Code button to scan the barcodes placed in the field.


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