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Attach a QR Code or NFC Tag to a Parking Violation

You can attach a QR Code or NFC tag to a Parking Violation. This allows you to place the QR Code or NFC Tag on the vehicle that has received this violation for quick scan and referencing.


Attaching the QR Code or NFC Tag is done during the normal submission of a Parking Violation.


Go to Menu>Parking

Add License Plate number


Select the desired Violation Type


The Violation Tag option will appear, if enabled. Tap it.


You may now scan an NFC Tag.

If attaching a QR Code, tap the QR Code icon at the bottom left of the screen.


Using the camera, bring the QR code in to the view of the viewfinder.

Tap the "Activate Autofocus" if you are having issues getting the QR Code in to focus.


You may now place the QR Code or NFC Tag on the vehicle or other appropriate area.

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