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Add Violation Rules

Violation Rules allow you to predetermine how many violations of a type merit escalation to a sanction (consequence). This will allow you to set a range for each violation type, which sanction is activated, and which report (Template) is filed.

These rules allow m-Post to self-calculate the sanction to be taken, relieving agents of learning all violation combinations and simply following the device's instructions on how to handle the situation.


If you have not added Violation Group Types, Violation Types, or Violation Sanctions; Violation Rules will not work properly. Please go back and create at least one of each, click the links below for instructions:

Click here for Violation Group Types

Click here for Violation Types

Click here for Violation Sanctions



Click "Add Rule"


Enter information in the applicable fields, then click Save.


Select a Violation Type from the "Type" pull down menu.
You may also select "All categories" to configure all types listed with the same rules.


Enter number in the "Min Occurrence" column to indicate the minimum occurrence level for this rule.


Enter number in the "Max Occurrence" column to indicate the maximum occurrence level for this rule.

When determining minimum and maximum occurrence, keep in mind that Violation Types are combined with those in their Violation Group Types. Violation Types in the same group will "stack" leading to faster escalation to higher sanctions.



Select a Sanction from the "Sanction" pull down menu.


Select a report (Template) from the "Event" pull down menu.

Report Templates are pulled from the list of Activity/Incident Templates that exist on the site, and display [Category]/[Template Name].
If no templates exist on this site, you will need to create at least one.

Click here for instructions on creating Templates


Click the Save Icon (diskette)



In this example, when a user is submitting a violation for "Not in designated spot"; if this is the driver's/operator's first through third time receiving this violation, the sanctions of "Level 1" will apply and instruct the user submitting this report on the next action(s) to take. Finally, he will submit a "Parking Violation" report (Security/Parking Violation) which will be linked to this violation and record in the Logbook.



On m-Post, the menu entry appears on the left-hand menu as soon as there are Violation Rules configured on the site.


Editing a Violation Rule


Click the Edit Icon (pencil)


You may now change any field values.


When done making changes...
Click the Save Icon (diskette)
Click the Cancel Icon  (X)

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