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Add Violation Sanctions

Violation Sanctions are the levels of consequence, which can be customized to instruct the user on how to handle the violation being submitted.


Click "Add sanction"


Enter information in the applicable fields, then click Save.


Add sanction name in the "Name" column.


Enter number in the "Exclusion" column to indicate the number of days the driver/vehicle owner will be excluded from the property/parking area.
You may also use the up and down arrows to add and remove days.


Select "Yes" or "No", if a wheel clamp ("boot") should be place on the vehicle when this sanction is reached.


Select "Yes" or "No", if an email of the violation should be sent out when this sanction is reached.


Click the Save Icon (diskette)


Now that you have at least one Violation Sanction, you may Add Violation Rules (Click here for the next step)


Editing a Violation Sanction


Click the Edit Icon (pencil)


You may now change any field values.


When done making changes...
Click the Save Icon (diskette)
Click the Cancel Icon  (X)

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