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Add Violation Type

Violation Types are specific violations and their categories. These are the items that the users will be selecting when submitting a parking violation.


Click "Add type"


Enter information in the applicable fields, then click Save.


Add Category in the "Category" column.


Add the name of the specific violation in the "Name" column.


Select a Violation Group Type from the "Group" pull down menu.

If there are no items in this pull down menu, you will need to go back to the Violation Group Type are and Add Violation Group Type. (Click here for more information)


You may add a description in the "Description" area. This is optional.


Click the Save Icon (diskette) in the "Actions" column.


Now that you have at least one Violation Type, you may Add Violation Sanctions.


Editing a Violation Type

Click the Edit Icon (pencil)


You may now change any field values.


When done making changes...
Click the Save Icon (diskette)
Click the Cancel Icon  (X)

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