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Synchronizing the m-Post application

When making alterations to the configuration or Tours, Templates, Users, etc. from GuardTek, it is important to synchronize any devices currently logged in to m-Post. Normally this process takes place automatically when you login, but if you need to manually synchronize the app you can follow these instructions.

Synchronize app when already logged in

If there is a user currently logged in to m-Post and you have made some configuration changes, then make sure you have the user synchronize to have the latest versions.

Click on the menu button ( m-Post-Buttons-Menu.png ) in the top left side corner of the screen to open the side menu.



From this menu Select the Synchronization ( mPost-Buttons_Synchronization.png ) option and let the app finish downloading the data.

Synchronize app without login 

If there is no one logged in to the phone there is still a way to synchronize the app with the data linked to the m-Post license. Sometimes this needs to be done to troubleshoot devices when you are transferring licenses from one device to another.

Slide from the left of the screen to the right to open up a hidden menu screen.

m-Post-Side_Menu1.png          m-Post-Side_Menu2.png

From this menu Select the Synchronization ( mPost-Buttons_Synchronization.png) option and let the app finish downloading the data before logging in. When you are using this to troubleshoot a newly registered device, you should see the IMEI or Device Name update to the newly assigned Device Name.

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