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Add a NFC Tag to a Tour (via the logbook) [Method #2]

Weather you are adding a new checkpoint to a tour or replacing an existing checkpoint with a new tag, you will need to follow this two step process to properly add a tag to an existing Tour.

  1. Scan the new Tag while performing the Tour you want to add it to
  2. Go to your logbook on GuardTek and save this Tag to the Tour

Scan Unknown Tag

Assuming you have already placed the new NFC tag in its destined physical location, start the Tour from the m-Post app that you want to add this Tag to.

mPost-MainMenu_Tours.png            mPost-TourSelection.png


Once you start the Tour, scan the new Tag with your device. You should get an Unknown tag appear with a timestamp with a confirmation tone. 


Optional: Use the text button ( mPost-Button_TagText.png ) to leave yourself a note that will help you identify this Tag's Serial Number in the Logbook report later. Once you save the text, a pencil icon will appear on the Unknown tag to confirm the note was saved.

Once you have scanned all the new Tags for this Tour, then End Tour.


Save Tag to Tour from Logbook

Now login to your GuardTek account and go to the Logbook for the Site you are working on. Find the End of Tour report entry from your device and click to open the report.


In the report you will see your Unknown Tag appear in the list of tags scanned during this tour. There will be a green edit pencil (GuardTek-Icons_EditPencil.png) on the right of this entry. Clicking the edit pencil will reload this report with options to update the Tag Name, Comments/Instructions, and Position before saving this tag to the tour.





Once you have updated the Tag Name, click the save icon ( GuardTek-Button_SaveTag.png ) in the lower right. The report will reload again giving the option to edit the next Tag, if any. Now you can synchronize your devices to have the updated version of this Tour with the new Tag information.

Note: If this was to replace a missing/damaged Tag, don't forget to also remove the old tag from the tour by going to your Settings > Tours on GuardTek and delete the old Tag.

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