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Add a NFC Tag to a Tour (via the app) [Method #1]

Weather you are adding a new checkpoint to a tour or replacing an existing checkpoint with a new tag, you will need to follow this two step process to properly add a tag to an existing Tour.

  1. Use "Add a Tag" function from the m-Post app
  2. Go to GuardTek to assign the Tag to a Tour


Add a Tag

From the menu on the left, select the option ( mPost-Buttons_AddTag.png )

 mPost-SideMenu_AddaTag.png         mPost-AddTag_Template.png

From this screen you will simply scan the NFC Tag with the device and you should hear a confirmation tone once the Tag is read along with the reference code (or Serial Number).

Note: To use QR Codes, please see this article for more information Adding a QR Code as a Tour Checkpoint


Click the green ADD TAG button and you will see a confirmation notification appear at the button of the screen as you are brought back to the screen where you can scan the next Tag.

Assign Tag to Tour

Now that the Tag has been recorded to your Site, you will need to assign it to the Tour. Login to your account on GuardTek and head to Settings > NFC Tags.


Find the Tag you just scanned in from your mobile device. The default Name given lists the device IMEI used and a timestamp when it was scanned. You will see that the Tag Type is listed as Undefined. Let's edit this tag to update the Name and change the Tag Type.


Clicking on the green pencil icon (GuardTek-Icons_EditPencil.png) will bring you to this page below.


From here we want to rename the Tag Name and change the Tag Type to Tour Checkpoint. This option will fill the next drop down menu with a list of Tours on your site, and an option to create a new Tour.

Do not change the Serial Number, this is important for the device to recognize this Tag.


Once the Tour is selected, click Update and the tag will be added to that Tour.


Note: If this was to replace a missing/damaged Tag, don't forget to also remove the old tag from the tour by going to your Settings > Tours on GuardTek and delete the old Tag.

Finally, synchronize ( mPost-Buttons_Synchronization.png ) any devices using this site so that they have the latest version of this Tour.


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