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Replace Equipment

When a device is broken, missing, or is simply being replaced for any other reason. You can use the Replacement feature to swap a currently registered device for another.

Note: The license/device count of your account cannot be increased in this manner. If you need to do so, please contact Sales at or by Phone at +1 (845) 474-0033 ext. 3.


Go to Settings> Equipment  

- Use the Replace button ​ to do an IMEI replacement.

- When using the Replace button ​ to do an IMEI replacement, the easiest way to get a correctly formatted IMEI is to install the m-Post application, open the app the the login page, and look at the number displayed above the login field. Enter this number exactly as displayed into the "IMEI / Serial Number" text field.

For other methods of finding your devices IMEI, please see this article: Finding the IMEI

Once entered, click anywhere on the window to validate the number.

= A valid number.

= An invalid number or the system has detected that this IMEI is already in use. Please check your other sites for this IMEI.


The number should not contain blank spaces or special characters.

You may also change the name of the device by editing the text in the "Name" box.
Note: You may only change the name if also changing the IMEI.


To learn how to Move Equipment from one site to another click here


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