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How to create a badge template (Badge Editor)

The Visitor Badge allows to print out a badge when you check in a visitor.

It is only possible to print a badge once the badge option has been activated on Visitors Settings menu by a supervisor.

The badge option needs to be activated per each category of Visitor and you can personalize the badge template per each category.


Printing a badge for Visitor is only possible via the POST license (computer certificate). Please note that if Badge options are activated, you won’t be able to see that category of visitors on M-POST.


1 – Log in GuardTek portal using a Supervisor ID type

2 – Select Settings > Visitors Check In Registration Form

3 – All your existing Visitors Category will display here.  Per each desired Visitor category click on the   under the Badge column.


This will prompt you to a new page, “Edit Badge”, that contains basic pre-set fields that you can remove, edit or modify layout.


The default template shows in the middle of the page:


1 – Modify Badge Size

Under Badge Settings, you can select from 4 badge size options:

  • Custom Size (92 mm x 61 mm)
  • A4 (210 mm x 297 mm)
  • US Letter (216 mm X 279 mm)
  • Business Card (89 mm X 51 mm)


Badge in middle of the page will resize depending on your selection.


2 – Modify Badge Colour

Under Badge Settings, click on background colour option, to active the colour menu and move the dot around the colour scheme.


3 – Add Additional Fields

Click and drag & drop fields on the left column into the Visitor Badge Template


« Picture/Logo »: Allows to add a field with an image or Logo
« Free Text »: Allows to add a free text field
« Date »: Allows to a field a date field that is completed automatically with the Visitor check in time

« Numeration »: Allows to number a badge automatically

Visitor Information

« Last Name »: Allows to add a last name field
« First Name »: Allows to add a first name field
« Last Name  + First Name » : Allows to add a last name & first name field
« Company »: Allows to add a Company name field

The Visitor Information fields are not modifiable as the badge automatically retrieves these fields.


If during the configuration of the badge you added customizable fields these are also configurable in the badge template


4 – Adjust positioning

Drag and drop field to move position

5 – Modify field parameters

Click within the field itself and it will open that field parameters options. You can chance font name, size, colour etc.

« Text »: Allows to modify text (option not available for Visitor Information fields)
« Foreground Colour »: Allows to change the text colour
« Background Colour »: Allows to change the field background colour
« Bold » & « Italic »: Allows to edit text to bold or italic
« Font Name »: Allows to edit the text font type

« Font Size »: Allows to edit the text font size
« Height/ Width » & « Left/Top »: Allows to resize the field

6 – Import an image into the badge

Click on the image/logo field that you have drop from left corner to open image parameters and select photo or resize image field. 


Please note that an image field is already present by default.

7 – Saving configuration

Once you have finished badge customization, please select save.


8 – Editing or deleting an existing badge

Select Settings > Visitors Check In Registration Form

All your existing Visitors Category will display here.  If a badge is activated the badge icon is visible.  

Under the badge column click the icon to delete and the icon to edit it.



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