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What's New? 18 April 2018 - Updates Improve Data Filtering Options

  1. LOGBOOK Menu, LOGBOOK Module

Improvements to both the LOGBOOK and REPORT TOOL Modules now provide more granular sorting both for visual display of information on-screen and for exporting to HTML or PDF.  This will help you find data records faster and make it easier to organize on-demand and automatic reports.

In the LOGBOOK menu, LOGBOOK module, the change are seen in the left side FILTER PANEL.

Filtering choices are easier to identify and more functionally oriented. 

When the ALL ACTIVITIES box is checked, the on-screen view of Logbook data will include all the elements by default.

When the ALL ACTIVITIES box is unchecked, you can select any of the data types one-by-one.  As you make selections, your view of the Logbook will change.   To return to the default view, simply put a check into the ALL ACTIVITIES box again.  Your view of the Logbook will return to its default configuration.

FILTER BY ACTIVITY TYPE can be used anytime in conjunction with the other filter options within the LOGBOOK panel:

  • Period – select a date range
  • Filter by Officer – select an individual User ID that contributed data on the selected Post during the specified date range.
  • Filter by Report – select the type of report created – filed, updated or closed - during the specified date range:
    • Incident Reports
    • Activity Reports
    • NFC Tag Tour Reports




The same filtering options are displayed in the REPORTING TOOL Module when selecting the ALL ACTIVITIES criteria for an on-demand (on-screen) or automatic report.  Selecting the top checkbox – “All Activities” will continue to pull all of the activity type elements into the query.  However, if you do not select “All Activities”, you can selectively designate which activity type elements will be searched for your on-screen or automatic report.


If you have questions about filtering, search or sort criteria or report configuration, please contact Trackforce Customer Support.  If your organization is still in the on-boarding process, your Customer Success Specialist will provide any training required.  For subscribers who have completed on-boarding, any Trackforce Customer Support Specialist can review these features with you and provide a brief refresher, as required, to ensure you are ready to use these new filtering functionalities.


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