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Using the “Worker Card” compliance and notification feature

GuardTek now offers the option to setup an expiration warning grace period and notifications for the expiration of Worker Cards, similar to the process for enabling alerts for certification courses.  Typically, a Worker Card will be any type of identification or access card or token that is not related to a one-time or recurring certification or credential. 

To setup a Worker Card, the Grace Period is configured for your account.  For most GuardTek subscribers, this will be setup by your Customer Success Specialist during on-boarding.  However, either your Customer Success representative or any member of the Trackforce Customer Support team can assist with this process.

  1. Setup the Grace Period
  • The grace period parameter is measured in days.
  • The Grace Period is the duration of the warning period before the designated Worker Card expires.
  • This is a company-wide preference and will apply to all Worker Cards distributed and tracked across all posts within your GuardTek account.
  • The default is 30 days and is configurable by a Trackforce Success or Support team member.
  1. Notifications Setup

Once the Grace Period has been configured, there are two places – entry points – in your GuardTek Management Dashboard for notifications to setup.  One of these locations is typically accessible only to your Trackforce Success or Support representative.  The other is in the JOB SKILLS Module on the COURSE MANAGEMENT page, which is typically available to all GuardTek Supervisor-credentialed Users who have permission to access the GuardTek Management Dashboard.


When enabled, clicking on the Worker Card link will trigger a pop-up providing access through another window where you can choose the method of notification based on either of the two triggers: 

  • Expired – sends the notification on the expiration date
  • Expiring – sends the notification at the beginning of the grace period (i.e. X days before expiration)


Sample email

Here’s a sample email sent by this new notification system.



If you have questions about configuration or would like to begin using the Worker Card notification process, please contact Trackforce Customer Support.  If your organization is still in the on-boarding process, your Customer Success Specialist will make the necessary adjustments and provide any training required.  For subscribers who have completed on-boarding, any Trackforce Customer Support Specialist can enable this process for you and provide a brief refresher, as required, to ensure you are ready to use this new feature.


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