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How to set up Logbook Activities Automatic Reporting

This feature allows to set an automatic Logbook summary or an aggregated report for an activity type such as Tours, Activity Reports, Shifts Logs etc.

In case of “Activity Reports” type this feature also allows to set up an automatic PDF document detailing all reports answers, photos and video links.

Go to Reporting > Schedule Periodic Summary


On this page you will find any existing automatic reports you have already created.


Please note that these reports are user specific and you can only see the reports templates you have created.

The automatic reporting set up is a 3-stage process: first you create your report template, then you create your email recipients and last you create your schedule.


Step 1: Click Add New


Step 2: Choose All Events on the drop-down menu (in some platforms is named All Activities)  

Step 3: Name your report (be specific especially if you set up multiple reports)

Step 4: Tick your report format options. When you select PDF files another option becomes available to include PDF details. With details you can get detailed information on each event and in case of activity reports this also include photos and video links.

IMPORTANT NOTE: you should only tick include details for a reporting time period of maximum 1 week as there is a limit of 5000 lines to the PDF report. In case you are selecting specific activities instead of all entries the time period can potentially be extended.

PDF example without details:

PDF example with details included:

Excel File Data Example:

Step 5: Click Enter

Step 6: Select Time Period to be covered on the drop-down menu


The following options are available:

  • Yesterday
  • Last Hours (a new field opens to add number of hours)
  • Last 12 Hours
  • Last 7 Days
  • Last 30 Days
  • Last 90 Days
  • Last Days (a new field opens to add number of hours)

Step 7: Select your sites. You can select multiple posts as required


Step 8: Select your activities. You can select All Activities, a specific activity or multiple activities as required. Selection named “activity” stands for your activity reports.

Step 9: Click Enter at bottom of page to save your template.

Your template will now show on the main page.


Step 1:  Locate desired template and under Email field click on Email icon


Step 2: Select Add New


Step 3: Under Recipient select either GuardTek User, Employee or Other Contact.


Step 4: Click on drop down arrow and search for the name on the recipient address list. System will save all previously added contact details but if you don’t see it on the list just choose “Other Contact”, complete contact details and click Add.


Step 5: Type of notification is set automatically to email. Reconfirm that email address is correct and click Add.


Step 6: Repeat steps 3 to 5 to add multiple recipients. Once done click Close and double check on notifications screen all is correct before selecting Close again.



Step 1: Locate desired template and under Schedule field click on “Not Defined”


Step 2: Set your start and end dates by clicking on calendar icon and selecting a date from there


Step 3: Select frequency. Depending on your selection different menus open for further selection


Step 4: Input time of day report is to be generated and click Add.  You can select multiple times


Step 5: Save your schedule by selecting Enter at bottom of the page

To make changes to your schedule just click on it and repeat steps above.


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