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Set Up Scheduled Shift Notifications (Email & SMS)

Step 1: Go to Portal and click on Plus Icon   icon.jpg on the main menu.

Under Schedules Module, select Work Shifts Related Alerts.


Step 2: Select Add New

Step 3: Complete your notification details on new pop up page.

Choose Event Type

        The most used alert is to send an alert when someone does not start their shift at assigned            time. This alert is triggered after a 5-minute delay.


Choose the recipient details.

       If the recipient has a GuardTek user ID, with access to the site, just select name from the list.


     If the recipient is a not a GuardTek user select Other Contact.

     Either select from the list or add a new contact (once added it will be saved on the list).


Choose notification type

        In case of SMS must be set up using international dialing code.


NOTE: Once completed your notifications can inactivated or deleted from notifications main page.


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