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How to Assign an Operative to a Shift Schedule

Step 1: Go to Portal and click on Plus Icon  icon.jpg  on the main menu.

Under Schedules Module, select Security Officer Scheduling.


When you log into this to menu it automatically displays the current month. If required, change month before proceeding.


Please note you need to create a shift prior to be able to assign it to someone.

You can do this via Guard Post Scheduling under Schedules or selecting Add Shift from this page.


Step 2: Select the operative name from the list.


If the operative name does not show on the list is either one of two options:

n1.JPGThe user has not been provided access to the site.

Go to Settings > Users and search for the user. Click on sites icon to view or add access to sites.


n2.JPGThe user is not a security officer or a site manager role.

Go to Settings > Users and search for the user to check what role is assigned.

6.JPGBy default, only security officer and site managers are set up to assign shifts to.                        Supervisors/Administrators roles, Dispatcher, Inspector etc need to be enabled by the Support team.

Contact your Customer Success Manager or requesting to extend schedules to these roles.


Step 2: Assign the operative to desired shift. 

  • Any shifts not assigned will show in red. Previously assigned shifts show in grey.
  • Tick the box to assign the shift. Once is greyed out you can proceed to assign another shift.
  • It will only show shifts not assigned or shifts assigned to the user you selected. If you are trying to reassign a shift you need to delete the shift assignment first.


NOTE: You can also assign a shift via Guard Post Scheduling menu by clicking on the shift itself


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