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Restrict access to a Key or Asset

Key or Assets module allows to keep track of keys or assets that are being loaned or checked out to an employee or visitor (usually contractors).

You can restrict access to a specific key or asset (for example safe keys) so that only authorized users can check it out.

So instead of free access to loan key to any existing or new user, officer can only select from a restricted list that you have assigned.


In order to restrict access, go to Settings > Keys Loan and Check Out


Search for the key and click on Icon    icon.jpg showing under Authorized Carriers


You will have two user categories: Employees or Pre-Registered Visitors

1. Choose a user category: Employees or Pre-Registered Visitors


2. Choose a user group: All, Company or Employee


All: All Users within selected category are authorized carriers


Company: All Users associated with selected company or department are authorized carriers


Employee: Only selected user name will be an authorized carrier 

  • If the Employee name is not on the list, you need to add it via the Tenant Directory 
  • If the Visitor name is not on the list, you need to add via Pre-Register a Visitor


Once selection is done just click Add. You can add as many authorized carriers as desired
















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