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Create New Instruction / Post Order

Instructions / Post Orders are managed under the Instructions / Post Order menu on the GuardTek portal.

Step 1: Go to Instructions > Add New Instruction



Step 2: Click on “Add New Instruction or Operating Procedure”


Step 3: Create the details of the new instruction

Overall Classification: Choose between Safety or Security type


Type of Order: Choose between Passdown and Standing Post Orders

  • A standing post order is a permanent instruction or operation procedure valid until is manually deleted
  • A passdown is a temporary instruction with an end date that automatically expires when it reaches its end date


Category: Choose a Category


Subject: Add the instruction title


Dates: The effective date and time is automatic but can be changed. If is a Passdown you will also have an expiry date field to complete



Format: Three options are available depending on which you have a different sub-menu to proceed

  • Insert PD  (1)
  • Write Text   (2)      
  • Video (3)


Save: Save changes by selecting Update


Step 4: Choose the Post (s) to send the instructions and save.

By default, system selects the post under which the instruction was created.


Step 5: Syndicate the device (s) so changes are applied



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