Using the Pre-Built Dashboard

A pre-built dashboard is a page whose configuration and layout are fixed. You can adapt the time frame to analyze and the guardrooms to check, export results, and share them. The goal is to directly get, without configuration, a common and extended view of main operational indicators.


Access Pre-Built Dashboard

1. Open the Dashboard page in the Reporting menu (or via the Dashboard tile on the Homepage).



2. In the upper right corner dropdown list, select Pre-built (not Custom). This list appears if your user account also has access to the full dashboard to switch among them.


3. The Pre-Built Dashboard is now shown on screen.
It's composed of 9 tiles covering GuardTek 3 main modules:

  • Shifts
  • Activity Reports
  • Tours

And then displayed in 3 ways:

  • Counter
  • Evolution Graph
  • Per Type or Compliance.


Adapt analyzed Guardrooms and time frame

1. In the upper right corner of the only container, use the first field to select guardrooms to analyze and the second field to define the time frame.


Export or share your Dashboard

1. Like custom Dashboard, click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner to open the drop-down menu listing the only two options available:

- Export to PDF
- Send by email

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