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Instant Message to devices!

Need to send a message to all of your mobile workers?

Need to send it right now?

Simply log into GuardTek from your laptop or PC, click on the green plus sign, mouse over the MESSAGES menu.  

  • Click the field that shows "Selected recipients".
  • Click to select each device that you want to include in the message distribution.
  • Click in the "Message" field.
  • Type or paste your text message into this space.
  • When done, click the green ENTER button at the bottom.

Your text is immediately delivered to all of your GuardTek mobile devices .

Whether you are using Android smartphones or tablets with GuardTek m-Post or the Sonim with GuardTek Patrol, ensure that your urgent communication is sent and delivered.

Mobile workers see the message and can respond immediately. The messaging logbook reports who responded.

Messages will be received and displayed on all mobile devices that are registered in GuardTek to your work post and powered on.

For more information, check-out the 24/7 Trackforce online HELP CENTER at and click ANNOUNCEMENTS.

Need assistance? Contact your Trackforce Support Services Specialist for a quick live demo. Send your request to

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