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The General Information section allows you to determine the basic information and log in credentials of your users. Here we will explain each item and its impact.


Role: determine the user's basic system rights, we will start with the three most common roles:

  • Client: For clients and other customer representatives, this role grants basic viewing rights only (no collection or managing of data).
  • Officer: For your primary data collectors (Guards/workers), this role grants all the basic rights necessary to use a device (Computer, tablet, or phone) for data collection. "No remote access" means they must use authorized devices only.
  • Supervisor: System Managers, this role grants access to the Settings tab and additional rights for quick and easy access from any internet-connected computer.


Picture: You may upload a picture of this user. (.jpg or .png are recommended)

Email: An external email address for receiving notifications. Add email only if the individual will be receiving email notifications.

Language Preference: The menus will change to the language selected for this user.

Note #1: Although the menus will change language, the content created will not be translated. You will need to create content in the language(s) that will be used.
Note #2: The languages available are determined by country. Official languages or popular languages in said country may be available.

Login Username: The unique identifier for each system user. Used to access the system across all of the applications.

Password: The code used to access the system. You can assign a password to the user by simply typing it in. The "Generate Password" button generates a random secure password.

Note: A visible password in this field indicates a temporary password.
When a user logs in to a computer for the first time, the system will ask him to change his password, at which point it will cease to be visible on this screen. This does not apply to logging in on a tour device, only a computer.

Permission Level: This is used to set the hierarchy of users. A user that has access to Settings>Users can see those that are at his level or below.

Note: It is not normally recommended to change the permission level from their defaults (Client/Officer = 0; Supervisor = 30), unless you have a specific need for it.

Phone: The user's primary contact phone number. It will display in several parts of the system for quick reference.

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