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Add a new User

Step 1

On GuardTek go to “Settings” and select “Users”



Step 2

Select “Add a User

Step 3

Enter your User's General Information

3.jpgMandatory Fields

Role: This establishes base rights and gives you a sense of the users general duties within the system.

Last Name/First Name: Name of the user.

Login Username: What the user will use to login to the system.

Password: The password the user will use to login to the system. (Minimum 8 characters)




Step 4 (Optional)

Select User Group (optional)

User Groups are optional. In most cases, the role chosen will give the user all the base functions needed to complete their duties. User Groups are used to expand, reduce, or in other ways modify the functions the user will have access to.

The user group together with roles determine a user's access and capabilities. 

Though users can be added to any number of User Groups, some User Groups may have items restricted. Any restriction will override an authorization, so you may lose functionality by adding the user to multiple User Groups.

Note: User Groups with the "Admin" keyword will have some restrictions. Do not add Users to multiple "Admin" groups.






 Click Update at bottom of the page


Step 5 

Choose the posts the user should have access to


 Click Update at bottom of the page


Ending Notes

1. It is the combination of role, user group and posts that determine the level of access you give to an user.

For a more detailed explanation of each option, click here to go to General Information Details




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