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Can clients be given access to view GuardTek activity?

Clients can be given any level of access you choose.  As with almost every aspect of the GuardTek platform, there are options.

(1)  If a client or any stakeholder wishes to follow the progress of work at a site, you can setup a generic log-in for GuardTek m-VIEW. This is a free application on the Google Play Store that will work on any Android smartphone or tablet. Any number of users can share the same generic log-in credentials simultaneously. The m-VIEW user sees the Logbook data stream in near real-time, exactly what you see from the m-POST menu selecting LOGBOOK.

(2)  You can grant a client web access by assigning a User ID in User Management. While you can choose any credential you like, the CLIENT role will provide viewing access and can be throttled down to any level of restriction that you would like. I had many clients who wanted this level of viewing so they could watch the electronic live tour status screen, the staffing status screen or even make their own reports in the Reporting module.

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