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Is there is a way to automate reports?

All GuardTek 'products' - whether an alert, tour report, incident or activity form (report) or a reporting element - are all linked to the same notification process. Visible on the dashboard, in every management module, where you see an email icon associated with element (data row) there is an option to distribute information automatically.  

With some notifications, there is the option for email only.  Others are designed to send alerts to SMS as well along with options for a voice-call. Keep in mind, however, that Trackforce does not manage or control or have any influence over your local wireless carrier! In some part of the world, SMS and/or voice calls from the GuardTek platform to your phone may not work.  We recommend testing before deploying these types of alerts.

Automatic Reports do just that, too. GuardTek sends specific template-driven data to designated recipients as you require and command through a scheduling mechanism.

Please refer to the SETUP GUIDE for details about reporting and specifically about using Automatic Reporting.

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