Running Queries and Downloading Data in the Smartforce Portal

You can search and export all necessary report information from your portal.


This guide will walk you through running queries and exporting data in the Smartforce portal. Follow these steps to produce historical data reports for your organizational needs efficiently.

Step 1: Accessing the Report Library

  • From the top menu bar in the Smartforce portal, select Reports.
  • Click on Report Library to view available queries.


Step 2: Selecting a Query

  • A list of available queries will be displayed.
  • If necessary, refresh the screen to view the complete list of queries.


Step 3: Filtering and Selecting Reports

  • If needed, you can use the dropdown options in column headers to filter reports.
  • In the example, Payroll Register was selected under Report Title and Visibility, and Public was chosen.
  • Note: There are two types of reports – Public and Shared. Shared reports are custom reports built specifically for your organization.


Step 4: Running the Report

  • To run a report, click on the title of the desired report.
  • The report will execute upon selection.

Step 5: Responding to Prompts (If Any)

  • Some reports may prompt for additional information, such as start and end dates.
  • This is typically a check date prompted for payroll reports, while Time and Labor Management (TLM) queries may use actual calendar dates or week-ending dates.


Step 6: Exporting the Report

  • After completing the query, you can export the data to Excel or CSV format.
  • You can export through the Actions button for immediate foreground exporting.


  • You can also select the Export option for background processing.


  • Once the background processing is complete, click on the gear icon to access a list of reports run in the background.


  • From there, select Export to Excel and click Export again.


Step 7: Saving the Exported File

  • The system will load the Excel file based on your query.
  • Expand the columns to fit the data if necessary.
  • Save the file to your local directory for future use and analysis.



Following these steps, you can efficiently generate and download the reports you need from the Smartforce portal to back up your historical data.


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