Generate QR Codes

Less secure than an NFC tag, QR codes can be used as a point of entry, but above all, as a material identifier (loan tracking, vehicle, equipment on station, etc.). With this in mind, the Checkpoint Management page features a button for generating QR codes for printing on labels, for example.


1. Connect to the Guardtek portal from a computer and go to the NFC Tags page in the Settings menu.

2. An icon and a Generate QR Codes button are in the left-hand corner. Select Generate QR Codes.


3. Confirm your choice in the box by selecting Print:

  • PDF: generates a PDF file ready for printing or saving. Define the format and number of pages and the codes will be displayed for printing in a few moments.

  • CSV: generates a csv file containing unique identifiers (as only identifiers generated by Guardtek will be readable by mPost devices). Choose the number of codes to create and click Export to download the file.



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