Manage Tour Notifications

This article covers configuring Tour Notifications, the various triggers, and setting up recipients.


How to set up Tour Notifications

1. Log in to the Guardtek portal.

2. Select the position of the tour you wish to schedule from the drop-down list in the top right-hand corner.

3. Then open the Settings menu and click on Tours:

4. Locate the Notification column. The green envelope in its header defines global Email/SMS, i.e., for all Tours.

To define individual Notifications, use the green envelope in the same column, especially the one in the relevant Tour row.


5. All Notifications set for the selected tour are listed here. If applicable, "No record" will be displayed.

Click Add a new recipient in the top right-hand corner to add a Notification.

6. Click on the Notifications field to display a list of all triggers.

NOTE: Two links to the right of this field allow you to select All triggers or None. Click on one of the two to switch from one option to the other.

7. In this list, click on the specific trigger for which you will then define a recipient.

You can select all, several, or just one trigger by clicking in the field to add another, using the cross to the left of the trigger or the two links on the right:


Notification triggers

The six triggers are listed here.

Here are their definitions:

Start overdue -The recipient will be notified if a scheduled tour is not started on time, as defined in the Weekly Planning tab.

NOTE: Notification will be generated when the defined time and tour tolerance are exceeded. For example, a tour scheduled for 12:00, with a tolerance of 10 minutes, will only create a notification at 12:11 (12:00 + 00:10 +1).

End - The recipient will be notified each time this tour is completed.

End overdue - The recipient will be notified once the tour exceeds its predefined duration and tolerance.

Missed tour -The recipient will be notified if a scheduled tour has yet to startd after the end time and tolerance.

Not correctly done - The recipient will be notified when the tour is completed and the minimum number of checkpoints to be read has yet to be reached.

Position missed - The recipient will be notified based on two conditions: 1- The "Generate an anomaly when a tag is read outside the specified geographical zone" option is active for the round, and 2- The checkpoint is read beyond the defined perimeter.


How to create a Notification recipient

Let's start again from step 7 above.

8. Click the Add a recipient button in the Report recipient box.

NOTE: There are three types of recipients, the default being a user registered on the Guardtek platform.

  • Guardtek user - is a user with an account on your platform (managed via User Management).

  • Employee - This option is typically used for people/departments who need to be notified but do not receive access to the Guardtek platform (managed via the Visitor module's Resident Directory). For example, an employee is not directly involved in your operations but is part of your infrastructure management.

  • Other Contact - helpful in notifying people/departments you don't think should have access to the platform: suppliers, maintenance team, property manager, etc.

8. Select one of the three possible recipient profiles from the first list.

9. Then, find the person in the Report Recipient list (dynamic alphabetical list with filtering).

If you can't find the external contact you're looking for, you can enter it directly by clicking on -- New contact --, which will display several new fields for you to enter: First and Last Name, Company, and Email:

10. If the selected recipient has an email address or telephone number encoded in their profile, this will be automatically copied to the following field. 

Select the notification type from the list on the left, then enter the email address or telephone number with the country prefix (without zeros and only digits without spaces) in the field on the right.

NOTE: Not all three notification types apply to all triggers. This list will be empty if no trigger has been selected above.

Remember to click on Add to save your actions.

11. The last Email Subject field allows you to encode a prefix in the generated email objects (helpful in creating automatic email filters/actions). We advise you to be clear and concise: for an "All" trigger, the subject can remain generic, like "Alert, Tour Anomaly," but for a specific trigger, be more precise, like "Missed round."

12. Finally, when everything is complete, click on Save to save everything.

All the fields in the settings box will empty, allowing you to enter the following notifications and recipients.

What you've entered will be listed below this frame, 1 line per trigger, with two icons: activation/deactivation by clicking on the 1st icon (green or red depending on status) and editing via the green pencil icon.

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