Understanding the Trackforce Valiant Webportal Login Page Options

On this article we will go over the web portal xxx.portal.valiant.com login page options.



Help Videos

On the right hand side of your xxx.portal.valiant.com login page you will see a blue vertical HELP VIDEOS (1) drop down button.

Clicking the blue vertical HELP VIDEOS (1) drop down button will give you the option to play 2 videos solving the most common issues encountered on the web portal login page:



The Failed Login video walks you through why you could have failed to login successfully and how to resolve the issue of 3 consecutive failed login attempts.

The Reset Password video walks you through how to resolve the issue of what to do if you forgot your password or how to reset your password. 


Self Registration

NOTE: The Self Registration button must be enabled to be visible and function.


Clicking the orange Self Registration (2) button gives employees the option to create a user profile and login so that they can log onto the web portal and view their pay stubs and schedules.


Apply for a Job!


Clicking the dark gray Apply for a Job! (3) button allows a visitor to the web portal to apply for a job or open position.  

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