Understanding and Applying Flat Billing in Vision

In this article, we will go over what flat billing is and how to apply flat billing in Vision. 

Defining Flat Billing

Flat Billing allows billing on a predetermined or flat amount, not based on the hours worked.

Information entered in this area of the system will determine what appears on the invoice for dollar amounts and hours entered, regardless of actual hours worked.

NOTE:  The flat billing option overrides the hourly billing rate on the Post Master.


How to Apply Flat Billing in Vision

Customer Master File

To apply flat billing in Vision:
1. Select the Customer from the menu.

2. Select the week.

3. Right-click the position that will be flat billed and select Position Master.

4. Select Flat Billing.

NOTE: The selection of Flat Billing allows billing on a predetermined fixed (FLAT) amount and not based on the hours worked.

If the flat bill will be monthly, select Monthly.

If monthly was selected, select which week in the month it should be billed in the Applied To field.

5. Enter the Hours to flat bill in Regular, Overtime, or Holiday.

6. Enter the Total amount to flat bill in either Regular, Overtime, or Holiday.

7. Click Save.

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