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In this article, we will go over how to add a Tour from, the minimum requirements, the optional tour options, and how to add tags to a tour.


Best Practice: While you may add a Tour manually from, it is highly recommended to add the tour using the m-Post App and then adjust it via the web portal. This is because the NFC tags' serial numbers must be recorded precisely, or they will not function properly, and it is much easier to have the m-Post app read and record the tag serial numbers. 

To learn how to add a Tour on the m-Post app, click on the specific device/tag type link: 

Android NFC  or Android QR Code

iOS NFC or iOS QR Code 


How to Add a Tour using

To add a tour using

Step 1. Verify in the Drop-down the correct property location where you wish to add the tour is selected.

Step 2. Log onto your GuardTek Home Page with Supervisor credentials.

Step 3. Hover over the Settings tab and select the Tours option.

2023-gt-en-mpost-tours-adding-add_with_guardtek (7).png

NOTE: If you need to change your location, you can just click the drop-down arrow to the right of the location name and select the appropriate location.

Step 4. Click on the Add a Tour button.

2023-gt-en-mpost-tours-adding-add_with_guardtek (1).png

Minimum Requirements to Add a Tour

On the Tour Details screen, the following minimum three fields are required to add a Tour:

Step 5. Add a Tour Name. Name the tour something easily recognizable or identifiable. 

Step 6. Duration: Type in the time in the hh:mm format. For example, a short Tour to be completed in 30 minutes would be entered as 00:30. A more extended Tour to be completed in 3 hours would be entered as 03:00.

Step 7. Tour System:  Click on the drop-down menu and select M-Post/Sonim

NOTE: When M-Post/Sonim is selected, additional fields will populate the Tour Details box. These are optional and can be edited.

Step 8. Click the green Create button at the lower right-hand corner.

2023-gt-en-mpost-tours-adding-add_with_guardtek (4).png

All Tour Options (Mandatory and Optional) 

Here is an overview of all the options that can be added when creating a new Tour referenced numerically in descending order as they appear when m-Post/Sonim has been selected as the Tour System.

2023-gt-en-mpost-tours-adding-add_with_guardtek (5).png

1. Tour Name - mandatory field. You should name the tour something easily recognizable or identifiable. Such as adding the name of the property or location. For example, the Main St. Shopping Center Exterior Walking Tour

2. The Category drop-down lets you select from your existing categories or select New Type, create a new one, and name it. This will label the tour into an easily identifiable reporting sort in reporting metrics. Keep the data organized.

3. The Duration field allows you to change the expected duration of the checkpoint tour. If the tour is not completed when scheduled to conclude, an anomaly notification is "end time overdue." 

Type in the time in the hh:mm format. For example, a Tour to be completed in 30 minutes would be entered as 00:30. 

This mandatory field can used as a safety check on officers or a way to identify a no-show quickly.

4. The Grace Period field allows you to set or change the time before an anomaly is triggered if a scheduled Tour has not been started on time. If no Grace Period is selected, an anomaly is triggered 1 minute after the scheduled start time if no checkpoint tag is scanned. This lets you quickly know if a Tour has yet to be started on time and, if not, find out why. 

NOTE: For scheduled tours only. This creates an allowable time range to start the tour. Example: A tour expected to start at 12:00 and with a 15-minute Grace Period will need to be started between 12:00 and 12:15.

To add a Grace Period, type in the time in the hh:mm format. For example, a Grace Period of 15 minutes would be entered as 00:15.

5. On screen instructions show the message displayed in the m-Post App before the officer starts the tour. This can include general instructions, safety bulletins, or reminders.   This field can be left blank or edited.   

6. The Tour System drop-down indicates the equipment used for the tour. Most commonly, you will use m-Post/sonim.

2023-gt-en-mpost-tours-adding-add_with_guardtek (3).png

  • Active Guard - Do not use. Based on an Active Guard License
  • Legacy - Do Not use. Based on previous software.
  • M-Post/Sonim - Use for all Android, iOS, and Sonim devices
  • None - If selected, the tour can only be done from Post

7. Is position tracking only. The No toggle option is the default if it is left as No checkpoints of the tour are fixed. 

2023-gt-en-mpost-tours-adding-add_with_guardtek (6).png

When the Yes toggle option is selected, the Tour Details options will change. The Yes toggle option for position tracking only creates a GPS pin at specific intervals set in the Position tracking interval (seconds) in the field below.

Using the Yes option is a great way to track mobile users by GPS ping intervals where scanning a fixed Checkpoint Tag is impractical. 

The Can change tour name Yes / No toggle defaults to No and does not allow anyone other than the tour creator to update the tour's name.

8. The Minimum # of tags for Complete Tour lets the user decide to change the number of checkpoints that must be scanned for a Tour to be considered complete. The default is 0. 

When a minimum number is selected, and a Tour is submitted as complete without scanning that minimum, the officer will be required to explain why on the m-Post app.

9. When the Yes / No toggle for Activate GPS Position (for each tag) is selected Yes, this records the GPS location when a checkpoint is scanned, and also, a satellite photo in the Tour report is added to create a breadcrumb trail.

10. The Yes / No toggle for the Hide missed tags in reports can be changed to either show missed checkpoints in the reports (No) or report only the scanned checkpoints (Yes).

11. By selecting Yes for the Send Anomaly When Gps Position is Missed  Yes / No option, an anomaly notification will be generated and sent when a checkpoint is scanned outside its set perimeter. 

NOTE: The Yes option can only be selected once a set location is created for each checkpoint tag. 

12. The Reading perimeter field allows you to add or change the distance in feet the checkpoint tag must be scanned within. Suppose a checkpoint tag is scanned outside the set perimeter. In that case, it will trigger an anomaly notification when the Send Anomaly When Gps Position is Missed field above has the Yes option selected.

13. The Can change tour name Yes / No toggle defaults to No and does not allow anyone other than the Tour creator to update the tour's name.

Selecting the Yes toggle option allows other Users to change the Tour name.

How to Add Tags to a Tour 

To add Tags to the tour, click the Add button in the Tags section:

2023-gt-en-mpost-tours-adding-add_with_guardtek (2).png

Once you click Add, you will be prompted to customize each tag with information unique to that tag. 

The minimum requirement for every tag is to have a unique Serial Number (S/N) and Name (Tag Name). You can only click the 2nd Add button at the bottom right-hand corner once the tag has a Serial Number and Name.

NOTE:  It is recommended to Add Tours from the m-Post App. If you cannot Add a Tour from the m-Post App, please be aware that you will still need to capture the value of all your Tags before completing the Tour on Post.

Repeat the process for all the Tags for the tour.

When you are done adding Tags, you may select the green Create button at the bottom right-hand corner to save your tour.


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