2021.08 | Ease of Use, Guardtek Integration, Year End Compliance

This release focuses on integrations between Smartforce and Guardtek, as well as some enhancements to reports and ease of use.


Feature/Application Details
Year-end Compliance Updates As we end the year, we had updates from our Compliance group to a number of forms, including:


  • Domestic W-2 2021
  • W-2 VI 2021
  • 1099 2021
  • PR 499-R/W-2PR 2021
  • PR 480 2021
  • 499 electronic file 2021

Smartforce Features added from Legacy System
We have added legacy features (Vision) to Smartforce, including:


  • Making Patrol Posts functionality available in Smartforce
  • Implemented Delete/Undelete scheduled week(s) functionality in Smartforce
  • Fixed Invoice List “No Records to report on” error

Smartforce Ease of Use Enhancements
We’ve been consistently updating the ease-of-use improvements in Smartforce in each release. This release focused on Billing Improvements:


  • Improved invoice batch invoice filtering (exclude extra days, fix customer filter)
  • Add status column to invoices (Processing, Generated, Finalized)
  • Update billing calculation background job to only select Generated invoices, set status to Processing, calculate billing, regenerate invoices, and then reset status to Generated
  • Change the “generate invoices background job” to only select customers that are not already in process, only select Generated invoices, set status to Processing, generate invoices and then reset status to Generated
  • Change regenerate invoice background job to only select Generated invoices, set status to Processing, regenerate invoices and then reset status to Generated
  • Change the “finalize invoice background job” to only select Generated invoices, set status to Processing, recreate invoice PDFs and then set status to Finalized
  • Apply division rounding setting to invoice subtotal during invoice generation
  • Add Reset Status action in case an invoice operation gets “stuck”
  • Fix issue with responses to invoice emails so clients can configure return address as E-Mail field in Billing Business Unit and clean up email sender name
  • We also Improved Others Pay usability by customizing template for Reason lookup, adding filters to GL Account lookup and requiring Reason field:
  • We also updated the default action in Location collection in Customer Master and Position Collection in Location Master to Show the selected child object, and added Status, Department columns to combined Employee Profile index page:

Various Fixes and Updates
We have made several other fixes and enhancements, including:


  • Fix new hire form to correctly validate and handle missing non-US “SSN”
  • Refine business logic to enable/disable Important Actions in menus so that they match when the corresponding menu item is enabled/disabled
  • Changes to support tour functionality in Smartforce:
    • Add Position Shift List context menu option in TLM Schedule to show Available Shifts collection in Position Master for selected tour times
    • Add bulk actions in Available Shifts collection when viewing tour shifts
    • Add tour related fields and fix field issues when Create/Show/Edit shift from Available Shifts collection
    • Reorganize fields in shift picker in TLM Schedule when creating a shift
  • Fix issue in TLM Schedule when displaying split shift Contract and Actual hours
  • Fix issue with invoice number handling during invoice finalization
  • Fix customer default and location filtering when creating a forbidden employee entry in Customer Master
  • Handle different combinations of purchased modules for hiring
    • Reorganize hire/quick hire menu options
    • Add required fields to HR Quick Hire
    • Add required fields to TLM Quick Hire
    • Drop Create Employee (Quick Hire should be used going forward)
  • Fix issue where invoice generation fails when Customer or Location billing address is more than 30 characters
  • Fix issue with Move/Copy Employee utility in Legacy where FWT Status and Rate History fields do not get moved/copied
  • Allow approving leave requests for future and uncreated weeks
  • Fix issue with some Android users who cannot save downloaded pay stubs
  • Enhance Bulk Upload template to support new IDType and Country fields regardless of the state of internationalization enhancements
  • Fix issue when bulk creating openings in TLM schedule where opening row, permanent opening row and last tour open rows are not rendering correctly
  • Improve phone number validation for SMS/TXT schedule broadcasts
  • ix issue where SSN and Pay Rate are not displaying correctly in combined Employee Profile
  • Support SIN entry (Canadian tax ID) when registering in mobile app


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