2021.07 | Guardtek Integration, Report Enhancements, Ease of Use

This release focuses on integrations between Smartforce and Guardtek, as well as some enhancements to reports and ease of use.


Feature/Application Details
Guardtek – Smartforce Integration Enhancements

We have made some enhancements to strengthen the integration between Guardtek  and Smartforce.


  • We’ve added the ability to send the location address and the geofencing radius to the Guardtek app to improve time recording accuracy.
  • We’ve also added a schedule exception indicator to the TLM Schedule cells and a schedule exceptions KPI to the TLM Schedule grid


Reports added from Legacy System
We have added even more reports to Smartforce from the Legacy system, further enabling you to pull more reports and gather intelligence.

Ease of Use Enhancements
We continue to make enhancements to Smartforce to improve our user experience, including:


  • Updating the TLM application to include functionality if users don’t own the payroll and HR applications
  • Limit screen refreshing when changes are made in TLM Schedule grid
  • Some additional interface enhancements included
    • Enable search filter in Customer column of Location master in Smartforce
    • Add Phone # column to combined Employee Profile index page
  • We’ve added an “Employee Others” Pay/Bill rate management to Smartforce

Various Fixes and Updates
WWe have made several other fixes and enhancements, including:


  • Fix issue with Q2 2021 Form 941 with incorrect data in box 5a(i) and handling of negative amounts on Schedule B
  • Fix issues with combined Employee Profile where some actions redirect to older functionality and errors when terminating from index page
  • Fix issue to make pending punches in mobile app use business/rounding rules when they are approved
  • Fix issue with multiple department filters and caching
  • Fix issue with Punch vs. Paid report
  • Refine Customer, Location and Position roles to limit access to only those hierarchy objects to which they should have permissions
  • Modify abilities associated with TLMScheduleMaintenance, TLMPositionMaintenance and ComapanyAdministratorQuery roles
  • Add Priority field to Implementations Utility
  • Move deduction Priority field to employee level and update affected calculations
  • Add OT2 field to Payroll Exceptions screen and include when creating payroll exception records
  • Fix Mastertax export data field size to handle larger amounts
  • Fix rendering issue with new combined address field on combined Employee Profile
  • Provide more logical and configurable default assignment type when assigning an employee to a shift
  • Add ability to enter times as well as dates when creating absence records
  • Fix issue where page title in browser tab doesn’t match the page
  • Add Hours field during single day Leave Request creation
  • Support SIN entry (Canadian tax ID) when registering in mobile app


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