User Experiencing Geofencing/Location Related Issues When Utilizing Mobile App

Purpose of Article:  If a user receives a message similar to the following when attempting to load their schedule and record a punch in/out through the Mobile app:


This article will offer some steps to troubleshoot the issue.




If you receive this message, the GPS/Location services on your phone may not be enabled for the Mobile app.  Follow the below steps to check and verify that this setting is correct:


Log into the Mobile app with your email address and password or 4-digit token if it has been set up:







Select the Settings option from the Home screen:



If GPS / Location permissions are not enabled on the Settings screen, you will see the following message, in which case you should press the Change button on the right: 




And then press OK on the following message to open the app settings for the Mobile app in a separate window on your device:




Scroll down and select the Permissions option within that window, and then make sure that the Location is set to Allowed:




And then, press the Back button on your device to close the split screen, return to the Mobile app, and press the Home button to go back to the Main Menu.


If you continue to experience any issues from the Main Menu under the Settings screen, please also check and confirm that the “Employer” field matches the proper client database and that the “Business Unit” matches where you are currently scheduled to work, and press the Change button on either if they do not and need to be corrected:




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