Changing Your Password in Smartforce Mobile App

In this article we will go over how to change the password used to log onto the Smartforce mobile app. 

To change your current password:

1. Tap on the FORGOT PASSWORD option. 


2.  Type in the username (or email address associated with your account) and tap the "Request" button:


NOTE: Once the system confirms sending a verification email to your email address, you will need to navigate to your email inbox, click on the verification link inside the email delivered there, and choose to always open the link with the Valiant Mobile app:


3. On the App type the answer to your security question.  Once the correct response has been entered you will be prompted to create a new password. 

4. Enter your new password and confirm it in both fields.

5. Tap the "Change Password" option.


When you return to the Smartforce App's main Sign-In screen you will be able to log in successfully with your new password.


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