Users Page Overview

In this article we will provide an overview of the Settings module, Users page columns and define the different descriptions.

To view the Users page:

1. Hover over the Setting module and click the Users option under the Roles subheading.





User Login (1)

The User login is the email used to create the user.  It should be the user's valid company email. 

NOTE: In some cases a user may have both End User and System User Type (4) set up and would use a second personal email. 

Locked (2)

After 3 failed login attempts the user will be locked out and the Locked column will read Yes.

If a user is locked an Admin or Supervisor can manually unlock them prior to the timed lock period. 

Since the failed attempts lock period is temporary the vast majority will read No.

Last, First, Middle Name (3)

Each column displays a users full name as entered in each column.

User Type (4)


An End User is any system user at the client level.  In addition to client employees this also includes client admin and supervisors created to manage in the system based on their assigned user role.

A System User is created internally by our technical team - a staff member or an employee of Trackforce valiant.  

Profile Complete (5)


If a user self registered the self registration process must be completed and this column indicating Yes before they will be able to log onto the mobile app. 

If a user self registered and the self registration process has not been completed column will indicate No.

Active (6)

Active users are indicated as Yes.

Inactive users are indicated as No

Is Self Service R...(7)


The Is Self Service R... column indicates if the end user Self Service Registered (Yes) or was manually created in the system (No).




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