Creating a New Smartforce Customer

In this article, we will review how to create a new Smartforce customer in the TLM module.

To Create a New Smartforce Customer

1. Log onto the Trackforce Valiant web portal as an Admin or Supervisor.

2. Hover over the TLM Module and click Customer in the Schedule Maintenance section. 


3. Click the Actions drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner and select Create New.


4. Assign the new customer to a Business Unit by clicking the drop-down button.


5. Click on the Business Unit Name you want to assign the new customer to and click the Select button at the bottom rights hand corner of the pop-up window.


6. Six sections of customer information can be added to the Customer page. 

NOTE: A red asterisk indicates mandatory fields 2023-gt-us-img


Main Details

Expand the Main Details (1) section and fill out the appropriate or desired fields.

NOTE: The Customer No: field is not indicated as mandatory with a red asterisk but is necessary to add.

Using an easy identifier such as the customer initials followed by a numeric indicator, i.e. XYZ01, is recommended. 


General Details

Expand the General Details (2) section and fill out the appropriate or desired fields.

NOTE: When defaults are pre-populated (such as Print in the screenshot below), do not change the defaults during the initial customer setup. 


Address Details

Expand the Address Details (3) section and fill out the appropriate or desired fields.


NOTE: Adding an address is not mandatory. However, you must use the drop-down menu and add a State even though it is not indicated as mandatory by a red asterisk. 2023-gt-us-img

If a State is not added in the Address Details section, you will get an orange WARNING banner showing a validation failure.



Contact Details

Expand the Contact Details (4) section and fill out the appropriate or desired fields.



In the Notes (5) field, add any appropriate or desired  notes about the Customer.

Tab Options (6)


Clicking on the Integration tab allows you to click the Trackforce Sync Enabled: checkbox to sync with Trackforce.



NOTE: Clicking this box will not send the customer to Trackforce unless the Business Unit is enabled for the integration.

Punch Rules

Clicking on the Punch Rules tab allows you to enable and set ranges and grace periods.

NOTE:  Adding Punch Rules here will override punch rules added at the Business Unit level if the Punch Rule Enforced checkbox is checked.


Account Details

Clicking on the Account Details tab allows you to create, edit and show account details of the person(s) involved in and managing the account. These fields are informational only.


Custom Fields

Clicking on the Custom Fields tab allows you to create, edit and show custom fields to group customers together in.



7. Once all sections have been filled out as desired click the Save button at the bottom right hand side of the page.


8. A green SUCCESS banner will let you know that the Customer has been successfully created.


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