Running and Exporting Reports From the Reports Library

In this article we will go over how to run and export a report from the Smartforce Reports Library.


1. Log into the Portal at (or the web address of your personal client homepage) and enter your Admin or Supervisor Username and Password, then click Sign In 

2. Hover over the Reports Module and click on Reports Library under Important Actions.


3. Click on the respective report in the listing that you would like to run.


You can also search for a specific report in the list by hovering over the Report Title column, clicking on the down arrow, hovering over the Filters tab, and entering the search term into the first field shown here.


If the report in question has a date range associated with it, once it is selected it will be executed with the default date range and the results will be generated and displayed on the screen.  If you wish to utilize a different date range, enter in the start and end dates for the new date range and press the Execute button to re-run the report and display the new result set on the screen.


4. Once the results are displayed on the screen, depending on the type of report being executed you can either export the data set in Excel XLS format or Comma-delimited CSV format by clicking on the Export option and selecting EXCEL or CSV.


And selecting the export options and pressing the Export button on the following window.


And then pressing the Download button shown here.



For other types of reports (mostly the ones ported over from our legacy system), after selecting and running the report the results will be displayed on the screen, and a PDF copy of the report can be downloaded by clicking on the following button at the top of the window.


Alternatively, you can also click on the Close button and then select one of the Download options listed here instead.


IMPORTANT NOTE: For reports with the Download button initially displayed at the top of the results window, the "Download CSV" option is NOT recommended for these types of reports, as the integrity of the data will most likely not be outputted in the correct manner in CSV formatting specifically.


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