Viewing Published Shift Offers

In this article we will go over how to view published shift offers and employees offered published shifts. 

How to View Published Shift Offers

To view published shift offers:

1. Log onto the Trackforce Valiant web portal as an Admin or Supervisor

2. Hover over the TLM module and click Business Unit in the Schedule Maintenance section.


3. Click the Schedule Details in the Actions column of the Business Unit you wish to create the shift offer for. 


4. Click the PUBLISHED OFFERS tab.


5. The Published Shift Offers will display by Customer, Location, Position, Shift Date, Shift Start, Shift End and Status.



How to View Employees Offered Shifts

To view employees offered shift s:

Follow steps 1-5 above.

6. Right click on a published shift offer and click the pop up Detail box.


7. Click on the Shift Offers option in the Additional Attributes section of the Main Form at the left hand side of the page. 


8. The employees offered shifts will appear in alpha numeric order but can be sorted and can be viewed by using the Hours Scheduled, Seniority Date, Response Order Approval Status (and if they accepted a shift who it was) Approved By drop downs. 

Filters on the left make it easy to view and take action on shifts that have been accepted.



9. To review an offer, click the Review button in the Actions column.


Approving Employees For an Accepted Shift Offer 

Clicking review brings you to a list of employees who were offered the shift.

This list includes hours scheduled and response order to help you choose which employees to approve.

Click approve to choose an employee to be added to the shift.


Once you approve an employee, all others who accepted the offer will be declined. 


Managing Offered Shifts –Schedule View

You can also easily identify shifts that have been offered from the regular schedule view.

Offered shifts have a dotted red outline and can be easily filtered with a button on the right side of the screen.

From here, you can assign employees as you normally would.

Doing this will close the offer.




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