Resetting a Smartforce User Password

In this article we will go over how to reset a Smartforce user's password. 

How to Reset a Smartforce Users Password

To reset a Smartforce user's password:

1. Log onto your Trackforce Valiant web portal.

2. Hover over or click on the Settings module and click Users in the Important Actions column at the left hand side of the page.


3. Locate the user that you want to reset the password for and right click on their profile.

NOTE: Users are listed alpha numerically by Last Name.


NOTE: Additionally, you can also search for a specific user by clicking on the Keyword Search field and typing in a keyword description from any of the columns that define a specific user profile.


4. In the right click pop-up menu click on Reset Password


NOTE: If the Locked column says Yes, the pop-up menu will include the option to unlock the user's account.


5. Click on the New Password: field and type in the new password then click on the Confirm Password: field and re-type in the new password.


NOTE: Do not use the symbols ! # $ when creating or resetting a password.


6. Once the new password has been entered and successfully confirmed click the Reset Password button at the bottom right hand corner and you will get a green pop up banner letting you know the password was successfully changed.


NOTE: When you are changing a password you may get an additional pop-up box from the browser you are using asking if you want to remember the password in connection with the user name you are logged on with.  Be careful not to override any existing user name and password combinations you have previously saved.




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