Deactivating a Smartforce User

In this article we will go over how to deactivate a Smartforce user when a user is no longer currently employed by your company (i.e quits, abandons post, etc.,), is let go (i.e. fired, laid off, furloughed), or takes a leave of absence (i.e. family emergency, extended illness, maternity leave). 

NOTE: Some inquiries or keyword searches include how to delete a user.  When it comes to a Smartforce user's data history, and especially as it pertains to compensation, you cannot delete that information from the system as it must be included in that year's income tax documentation.


How to Deactivate a Smartforce User

To deactivate a Smartforce user:

1. Log onto your Trackforce Valiant web portal.

2. Hover over or click on the Settings module and click Users in the Important Actions column at the left hand side of the page.




3. On the Users page right click on the user you want to deactivate.

4. In the drop menu click the Deactivate option.


5. You will be prompted to verify that you are sure you want to deactivate this user.  If you are click Yes.


6. A green pop up banner will let you know that the user has been successfully deactivated.



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