Creating Shift Postings - Answering Some Frequently Asked Questions

In this article we will answer some frequently asked questions when it comes to creating shift postings.

FAQs - Creating Shift Offers

FAQ - Managing the Dashboard Background Processes


Creating Shift Offers

I’m trying to publish a single opening but don’t see a list of employees to choose from?

After setting (or not changing) shift requirements, you must click the “apply” button to get the list of employees.


When I create an offer and use the location range, employees aren’t receiving the offer?

The system needs employees to have a valid address in the system for the location feature to work.  The system uses zip codes only, so it’s better to use a larger range to ensure you offer the shift to enough employees.


Why can’t I pick employees when I make an offer for multiple shifts?

You can only pick and choose employees when you’re offering a single opening on the schedule.  For multiple shifts, the system is unable to accurately display employees because there may be scheduling conflicts or multiple shift requirements for each of the openings that were offered.  In this case, the system automatically identifies the employees available and offers the shifts to them.


Can I make changes to the schedule (add/remove openings) after I’ve published offers?

Yes, you can make changes to the schedule.  Removing an offered opening will close the offer for the opening, and any new openings you create will have to be offered if you want employees to accept them.


Managing the Dashboard Background Processes

I published shifts but they aren’t showing on the schedule?

If multiple shifts were offered to a lot of employees, it may take a while for the offer process to finish.  Each shift will appear one at a time as “published” on the schedule as each one is processed.


Approved Shift Offers

What happens to an offer when I approve an employee for the shift?

Any other employees who accepted the offer will be declined, and the offer will be closed out an unavailable for anyone else to accept it.


Can I remove an employee after I’ve approved them for a shift?

Yes, you can remove an employee that you’ve approved for a shift.  The employee will not automatically be notified that they were removed, so you’ll want to let the employee know of the change to their schedule.


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