Quick Creating Multiple New Shift Openings

In this article we will go over a quick shift management option for creating new shifts for an existing business unit.

How to Quick Create a New Shift for an Existing Business Unit

How to Quick Create a New Shift for an Existing Business Unit

To create a new shift for an existing business unit:

1. Log onto the Trackforce Valiant web portal as an Admin or Supervisor.

2. Hover over the TLM Module and click the Business Unit option in the Schedule Maintenance section.


3. Click the Schedule Details button in the Actions column of the Business Unit you want to create a new shift for.


4. Click on the plus icon button



5. This will create both permanent and temporary shift placeholders for each day of the week.


6. To add a shift (permanent or temporary) click the greyed out plus icon for the day of the week you want to create the shift for.


7. A pop up SUCCESS banner will let you know the shift opening was successfully created for each shift opening you create.


8. Once all the desired shifts openings have been created click the Done button.  This will eliminate all the 


This will eliminate all the additional permanent and temporary shifts to create.


9. The newly created shift openings can now be assigned.


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