Employee View - Self Service TLM Portal - View Schedules and Accept Shift Offers

In this article we will go over the employee self service portal and how to use it to view schedules and shift offers as well as how to review and accept shift offers. 

How to Access the Self Service Portal

Viewing My Schedule

How to Accept Shift Offers in My Schedule

Viewing My Shift Orders

Accepting Shift Offers in My Shift Offers


How to Access the Self Service Portal

To access the self service portal:

1. Log onto your employee portal with the username and password provided by your employer.

2. Hover over Self Service at the upper left hand corner of the page to open the menu.


3. Here you have the option to view your schedule or go straight to a list of offers that have been made available to you. 



Viewing My Schedule

Clicking “My Schedule” will bring you to a view of your schedule. 

This screen allows you to also view any open offers you may have.

There are filters on the right to help you navigate the screen.

You can also use the search bar in the top right corner to help search through the schedule.



How to Accept Shift Offers in My Schedule

1. Right click on an open offer to view your options.

2. Click I Want This Shift

NOTE: To decline click Decline Shift.

To view a message if your administrator included one click Admin Message.



Clicking “I want this shift” will ask you to confirm accepting the offer.


3. Click Yes.

4. After accepting a shift offer, it will show as Pending on your schedule. 

Once approved by an administrator it changes to “Scheduled” on your schedule.



Viewing My Shift Offers

1. Access the Self Service Portal

2. Click My Shift Offers

You will see a list of all offers you’ve received.  This screen allows you to filter and search the list.

You can filter by the offer type, or the timing of the shift (in the next week or further out.)


You can also view the admin message by clicking the chat box on each offer.



Accepting Shift Offers in My Shift Offers

1. Click I Want This Shift in the Actions column.

Clicking I want this shift will accept the offer and change the shift to a Pending status. 

Once a shift is pending, a notification is sent to administrators at your company who have been given access to create, review and approve shift offers.


If approved, the shift will change to approved and will be added to your schedule.



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