Troubleshooting- Why is an Account Not Showing Up in the Smartforce User Database?

In this article we will troubleshoot the question, why is an account not showing in the Smartforce user database? 

First Troubleshooting Question

Is a new hire unable to log into their Portal account?

If they cannot, has their account been officially activated? 

If their account has been activated the employee's account may not have completed the self registration process.

Smartforce Valiant Mobile ESS Registration Process

Smartforce Employee Self Service Registration Process


Second Troubleshooting Question

Are their any errors in the HR profile?

Things like a missing name or DOB can mess up the creation process of an account.

Double check the profile to make sure everything is in place. 


Third Troubleshooting Question

Are the having issues with their password?
Find out if they worked at a pervious company that used the Valiant Portal.
If they did, contact Support and tell them what company they use to work for.
Support can reset the password for them.
Once reset, they can use that password to move forward with the self registration process.


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