Employee View - Managing Shift Offers with the Valiant Mobile App

In this article we will go over how to manage shift offers with the Valiant Mobile App.

Mobile App – Shift Offers

Mobile App – Offer Notifications


Mobile App – Shift Offers

The Valiant Mobile application gives you the ability to manage offers from your smart phone.

Turning on app notifications allows you to be notified when new shifts are available.


Logging into the app, you can click My Shift Offers to view a list of offered shifts and their status.


If a message was included with the offer, you can click the chat bubble to view it.



Clicking into a shift will give you the details of date, time and address.

You’ll have options to accept or decline the offer. 

Clicking “I want this shift” will accept the offer and change the shift to a Pending status. 


Once a shift is pending, a notification is sent to administrators at your company who have been given access to create, review and approve shift offers.

Mobile App – Offer Notifications

Once an administrator reviews your request, you will either be approved or declined for the shift.

Either decision will send you a notification.  You can always click into My Shift Offers to review the status of any shift.





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