TLM Scheduling - Creating a Week

In this article we will go over how to create a week(s) in TLM scheduling.  We will also overview some navigation of the Schedule Details page. 

How to Create a Week

To create a week:

1. Log onto the web portal as an admin or supervisor. 

2. Hover over the TLM module and click on Business Unit in the Schedule Maintenance section


3. Click on the Schedule Details button in the Actions column of the Business Unit you want to add a week for. 


4. On the Schedule Details page click the More drop down menu. 


5. In the More drop down click the Create Week option.


6. In the Create Week pop up window you can simply click the Create Week button at the bottom right hand corner to create a week. 

NOTE: The Business Unit field will be prepopulated to the Business Unit you selected.  We do not recommend you change the Business Unit here.  The Latest Week field will display the latest weekending that exists for the business unit.


NOTE: You have the option to type in or use the increase/decrease buttons to create multiple weeks, however, the max amount of weeks you can create is 5

We recommend that you only create 1 week at a time.


NOTE: When creating multiple weeks at a time you will notice the task sent to the background as this can take a while depending on how many weeks are being created.  Please see the Help Center article:  Managing the Dashboard Background Processes


7. A pop up SUCCESS banner will let you know the week for the Business Unit was created. 



Navigating the Week on the Schedule Details Page

Existing Week Displayed

When you arrive on the Schedule Details page, the current calendar week will display.


When you create a new week the newest week created will be displayed once created.


Navigating Between Weeks

There are a back (<) and="and" forward="forward" (="(">) option to click on to view previous and future weeks as well.</)>


NOTE: clicking on the forward () option when there have not been new future weeks created yet will trigger an orange WARNING pop up banner. 




New Week Displayed

The new week created will display the permanent openings and the employees assigned to permanently to an opening and the temporary shifts from the previous week will disappear; no longer be displayed. 

Additionally, any employees assigned to a permanent shift temporarily will also disappear and no longer be displayed on an open permanent shift in the new week. 



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