Shift Offers - Employee Frequently Asked Questions

In this article we will answer some frequently asked questions that employees have about shift offers.

Shift Offers – FAQ

I accepted a shift offer, why isn’t it showing on my schedule?

Even though you accepted an offer, you aren’t put onto the schedule until it is approved by an administrator at your company


How do I see offers for a customer that I usually work at?

On your ESS web portal (not the mobile app,) you can use the keyword search and filters to find a customer or location that you usually work at and accept an offer there.


How do I know when I’ve been approved for a shift?

You will get notifications on the app and while logged into your web portal telling you that you’ve been approved or declined for a shift.  If you aren’t receiving notifications, you may have to turn them on from within the app.  You can also check your schedule to be sure where you are supposed to be.


The offer doesn’t show the address of where I’m supposed to go, what do I do?

This means your company hasn’t added an address to the shift location.  Contact your manager to be sure where you’re supposed to go.


Why can’t I see offers for the current week we’re in?

The mobile app shows offers in chronological order.  You may have to scroll through the list to see the nearest offers available.


My manager said he published offers, but I don’t see them. What happened?

It can take some time, up to an hour, for a large group of offers to be sent out.  Give it some time and they will appear in the app and in the web portal.


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