Creating a New Job Posting

In this article we will go over how to create a new job posting.

How to Create a New Job Posting

To create a new job posting:

1. Log onto the web portal as an admin or supervisor. 

2. Click on the HR module then click Job Postings in the Onboarding section. 


3. Click on the Create New button. or click on the Action drop down and click on the Create New option at the upper right hand corner of the Job Postings page.


4. Fill in the fields for the 8 individual job posting  sections.



Job Title: (1)

Create a job title by typing it in the Job Title: field.


Job Description (2)

Type in a description of the job posting in the multi-line Job Description: field.


Job About: (3)

You have the option of adding additional job details in the multi-line Job About: field. 


Location (4)

Add the Address, City, State and Zip code of the job posting.


NOTE: The State: field is a mandatory field. The job posting cannot be saved without a State selected. 

Details (5)

You have the option to add Job Daily Duties: in the field.


You have the option to specify the job posting as Full Time or Part Time by clicking the Job Type: drop down menu.


You have the option to specify the job posting employment type as Contract, Internship, Permanent, Seasonal, or Temporary in the Employment Type: drop down menu. 


Optional. The Annual Salary Range Min: and Annual Salary Range Max: fields will both default to OFF.


If you click on the Annual Salary Range Min: or Annual Salary Range Max: fields, or if you click on the increase or decrease arrows mceclip18.png, or the ON / OFF toggle,


you can create and minimum to maximum salary range if you want to. 

Requirements (6)

You have the option to add specific job Requirements: in the desired fields.


Career Level:


Work Experience:


Travel Required (Percentage):


Telecommute Available?: 


Education Level:


Contact (7)

You have the option to add Contact: information in the desired fields.


Status (8)

You have the option to add job Status details in the desired fields.


NOTE: The EEOC Job Category: field is a mandatory field.  The job posting cannot be saved without using the drop down menu to click on on a job description and clicking the Select button.


5. Once the job posting has been created click the Save button at the lower right hand corner of the page. 


6. A green SUCCESS banner will let you know that the job posting has been created. 


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