Creating a New Applicant in Smartforce

In this article we will go over how to create a new applicant.

How to Create a New Applicant

To create a new applicant:

1. Log onto the web portal as an admin or supervisor. 

2. Click on the HR module then click Applicants under the Onboarding sub-heading.


3. On the Applicants page add the mandatory and desired optional applicant information in 8 sections.


General Information (1)

Add the applicant Email Address, Social Security Number, First Name, Middle Initial (if applicable) and their Last Name.  


Address (2)

Add the applicant Address information.


Details (3)

Add the applicants Contact Phone Number.

You also have the option to check the Has LinkedIn Profile checkbox.


Availability (4)

You have the option to add the maximum hours an applicant can work, the date they can start and prior work experience. 


Voluntary (5)

If the applicant desires they can provide additional voluntary information such as gender, ethnicity and veteran status.


Message to Hiring Manager (6)

You have the option to add a message to the hiring manager in the Message to the Hiring Manager field.


Attachments (7)

You have the option to attach documents such as a resume, references and cover letter if desired. 


Contact Availability (8)

Enter the applicants email in the Contact Availability field. 


4. Once all the desired fields have been populated click the Save (9) button at the lower right hand corner of the Applicants page.


5. A green pop up SUCCESS banner will let you know that the applicant was created. 


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